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Venture Portfolio

Metabolism-based liquid biopsy for early detection of various forms of cancer.

Investment date  |  June 2017

Using AI-driven models to predict metabolic instabilities in different diseases, ScandiBio develops therapies targeting metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Investment date  |  January 2018

Energy harvesting technology based on nanoparticles with high energy conversion efficiency, enabling the design of ultra-transparent solar cells.

Investment date  |  April 2022

Based on fundamental research on plant nutrient uptake, Arevo has developed climate smart amino acid fertilizer technologies for faster and better plant establishment.

Investment date  |  December 2017

Offers a molecular assay to study the surface proteome of single cells, which is used to inform scientist on basic immunological function and on the mode of action of novel drugs.؜؜؜؜؜؜

Investment date  |  June 2022

Efficient biomanufacturing platform based on biocatalysts, enabling a sustainable transformation of chemical manufacturing.

Investment date  |  December 2022

Semiconductor equipment manufacturer enabling further downscaling of transistors, while improving cost and environmental parameters of its manufacturing.

Investment date  |  January 2023


Discovery Portfolio