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Why we invested in Rarity Bioscience

Develops technology for ultrasensitive and multiplexed detection of nucleic acid sequences through flow cytometry.

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Rarity Bioscience's technology is first applied for mutation detection to benefit cancer research and care

Genomics has become key to modern health care, driving the frontier of clinical research, diagnostics and therapeutics for genetic and epigenetic diseases. In order to fully utilize the potential of genomics to serve unmet medical needs, novel genomic tools are required to increase the analysis throughput and accuracy.

Rarity Biosciences has developed a technology called SuperRCA that delivers an ultrasensitive and multiplexed capacity to detect rare nucleic acid sequences in biological samples. It works by amplifying the target nucleic acid sequences into DNA-macromolecules, which are easily detected through flow cytometry and other clinically available readout methods. In essence, with the SuperRCA technology, molecular is made macromolecular – an extremely powerful value proposition that we foresee will create multiple opportunities to improve health care, starting with applications within cancer research and care.

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Investment date

November 2022


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