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Why we invested in Peafowl Plasmonics

Energy harvesting technology based on nanoparticles with high energy conversion efficiency, enabling the design of ultra-transparent solar cells.

Peafowl's light harvesting cells can be used on transparent surfaces, a technology with countless possible applications.

Coming from a fairly new scientific area within quantum mechanics, Peafowl Plasmonics is industrializing and productizing plasmonic nanoparticles, i.e. metallic nanoscale particles with astonishing optical properties. The plasmonic nanoparticle is best described as a nanoscale antenna for light – it efficiently captures the energy of light particles (photons) by creating resonant oscillations of the electrons in the metal particle. These resonant oscillations are called plasmons. If left alone, the energy will dissipate in the form of heat. But if you’re Peafowl, the energy can be collected in the form of electrical charges – enabling the application of plasmons in a completely new type of solar cell.

Due to Peafowl’s unique technology of converting light energy to electricity and its unmatched efficiency in doing so, plasmonic solar cells can be made totally transparent to the human eye while still capturing enough energy to power devices. This enables an energy supply that is invisible, aesthetic, sustainable and distributed – the ultimate power source for electronics ranging from IoT sensors to ebook readers.

At Navigare Ventures, we explore new scientific paradigms and invest in science-driven industrial shifts. With this investment we back founders Cristina Paun, Jacinto Sa and Per Edström’s mission of making energy sustainable and beautiful. We invest in a new generation of solar energy, powered by science.


Investment date

April 2022


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