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RiACT secures new funding to transform the manufacturing industry

October 13, 2023

In a world defined by universal compatibility and standardization, robots remain strikingly complex. But imagine a future where one universal software can command any robot, rendering robot operations as straightforward as using a smartphone. This is the future RiACT is building with their innovative RiFLEX software.

Based in Copenhagen, the B2B deep tech company RiACT is crafting a new era for the robotics industry. Their software RiFLEX turns robot programming into an effortless task – transforming hours of complexity into a 15-minute operation. With newly acquired capital from Butterfly Ventures, Navigare Ventures and Mølgaard Capital, RiACT aims to expand the team and accelerate both the development and commercial rollout of RiFLEX. Together with the existing support from the Swedish investment company Navigare Ventures, this capital raise constitutes a major milestone in the industry's ongoing journey towards greater automation and efficiency.

"For years, people have been talking about the increase of automation and robots in the manufacturing sector. While progress has been made, the journey to integrate robots into production facilities remains challenging, costly, and time-consuming. The RiFLEX software, which we launched last year and are planning to release in various versions through OEM partnerships, aims to ease this transition." 
Bjarne Grossmann, CEO of RiACT

The investment comes at a perfect time: RiFLEX Runtime, a complete solution for common manufacturing tasks for operators has just been launched, and RiACT has started a beta program for the RiFLEX Developer version for integrators - a complete suite to create, configure and deploy manufacturing solution for their customers - from one single interface. RiFLEX will hit the markets of several Nordic and European countries, including Spain, Italy, and France, over the course of 2023 and 2024.

The company's leadership, composed of founder and CEO Bjarne Grossmann, CTO Francesco Rovida, and CCO Magnus Philip Ritzau, expresses great satisfaction with this investment milestone. 

"We created RiACT to architect a smarter manufacturing future. This investment marks a pivotal step in our journey to standardize how robots can be used by everyone, maximizing value where they're implemented. We've got some brilliant people joining us, all driven by the same passion for innovation and making things better. We're excited to roll up our sleeves and get to the next phase."
Bjarne Grossmann, CEO of RiACT

For more details, please visit RiACT´s website